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ECommerce SEO Services India

By Strivers Edge

Ecommece SEO Service Company

Shopify / Wocommerce Focused SEO Services

Strivers Edge, as a thriving eCommerce SEO company in Mohali, Chandigarh has developed a unique, creative optimization process which is comprised of several key indicators of what’s working and what’s not on your business website. These key factors include the eCommerce SEO Audit, Consulting, Research, Brand Building, Conversion Rate Optimization and Content Marketing. Each one of these steps needs to be fine-tuned in accordance with your specific business industry, your brand, and your website.

1. ECommerce SEO Audit

First off – a full eCommerce SEO audit. This means that we’ll analyze your current business website and make sure it’s ready for our SEO optimization techniques. Here are some of the issues your website could be deep into right now:

  • Website visibility issues– this can include basic page errors, pages that are blocked by the website’s Robots.txt, infections, viruses, malware etc;
  • Issues with Meta tags – it’s possible your website contains duplicate meta titles and/or descriptions, and it’s also possible these were never added in the first place;
  • Existing content issues – your existing content may contain duplicates, it may be thin, providing 0 value and boosting your bounce rate;
  • Issues with your link profile – there may be broken links, anchor or image alt texts, incorrect use of no-follow tags etc;
  • Multimedia issues – images may not contain titles, tags or alt text, or may be broken altogether;
  • Site Structure issues – you may have duplicated or missing headers, broken microdata implementation and so on;
  • Website usability issues – deals with the general user experience of your eCommerce pages (site navigation, speed) which are often the main cause of a high bounce rate – if not optimized correctly.

2. ECommerce Keyword Research

Any keyword that’s got a high search volume doesn’t automatically make it a keyword you should use. Sometimes, long-tail keywords perform much better than short keywords or key phrases. We need to make sure the keywords we’re targeting are the right fit for your business.

3. Analyzing your Competitors

Correct, in-depth competitor analysis is what makes a best eCommerce SEO strategy work. We need to find out who you’re competing with, analyze which keywords & long-tail keyword search queries they are using, what they’ve got – and then figure out how to make it better for your website. Competitor analysis also includes figuring out what kind of backlinks your competitors have, content structure, and then compare their link profile with their rankings.

4.Website Architecture

Here, we delve into the navigational issues your visitors may be dealing with& improve the UX experience of the entire website. It may be necessary to develop a working site architecture so both search engines and potential customers can reach your product pages faster.

5. ECommerce On-Page Optimization

As one of the most important ranking factors – optimizing your on-page SEO is something we need to deal with carefully. Every single service or product page on your business website needs to be specifically optimized for its target keywords and user experience – for that specific product.

6. Inbound Link Building and Guest Posting

Best eCommerce SEO basically comprises of authority. This is where backlinks come in. We need to boost your eCommerce pages with high quality, relevant backlinks which in turn results in higher rankings. We will use our network of business influencers and bloggers to do just that. Guest posting is one of the main strategies here.

7. Article and Product Review Submission

Building your brand requires effort, and a big chunk of it involves getting your story out there. We’ll look into what your potential clients are eager to read, then develop unique content and finally submit that content onto some of the premium article submission websites. Same goes for your specific products. One effective method in product promotion is building a list of product reviews and then submitting those to popular directories with a high page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA).

8. Press Releases and Content Marketing

If you’ve got news – you need to share with your future clientele. If you’re launching a new product, service, or making a business announcement – these need to be drafted into professional press releases that’ll help your company stand apart from amateur companies and businesses.

E-Commerce SEO Services

Our Technical SEO Checklist for eCommerce Websites

  • Setup and install Google analytics & Search console Tools
  • Perform Brand, Categories, Products Keywords Research
  • Perform On-page optimization
  • Develop a Internal link Structure
  • Develop a content marketing plan
  • Schema and structured data
  • Improve Canonicalization
  • Develop a Link building plan

StriversEdge – A leading eCommerce SEO Agency Mohali

Using our eCommerce marketing services provides your business website with just what it needs in order to maximize its client reach potential. Strivers Edge, as an eCommerce SEO specialist, follows strict rules and guidelines when it comes to optimizing any website. We believe white-hat SEO is the way to go and that authority needs to be built with great precision and legitimacy. Get in touch now in order to get your business audited.

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