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Just like in with any other business, law firms need to optimize their websites in order to match what their potential clients are looking for. If someone is looking to hire a lawyer or book consultations with a law firm in your area – they’ll typically first try and do a Google search. This is where we start with our SEO services for lawyers. We’ll first see what kind of searches your potential clientele is typing into Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines.

After we get this data, we can then continue to find the best possible optimization strategy for your specific website with these keywords and key phrases in mind. On top of our expertise, we wield a decisive amount of experience as well, and plenty of existing customers have often named us as law firm SEO experts after seeing the results after a few months.

In order to get ranked well, you need the best SEO for law firms out there. Not just the best in general, but the best SEO strategy that will fit your unique website. This is why we first do an audit of every website we plan on working with. After conducting analysis, we now know what kind of strategy might best fit your website in its current state.

Have a look at just some of the steps we most often take when we think of optimizing any website.

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  • Law Firm SEO Audit

First off – we’ll do an in-depth audit of your current website. We’ll dive deep to see what you’ve got going for you so far, and then see what can be done to significantly improve your website rankings. Doing an audit is the bedrock of any SEO strategy. We need to know what we’re dealing with, and then build an appropriate ranking strategy based on that information. After the audit is complete, we can continue with on-site and offsite optimization techniques for your website.

  • On-site and offsite Search Engine Optimization

After the audit, we’ll have a good idea of what needs to be optimized on your website. Do you need new, freshly written content, or do you just need your current content optimized with the most searched for keywords in your industry? Is your website responsive, and easy to navigate through? How high is your bounce rate? Do you have missing H1, H2 or H3 tags, is your website structured well? These are just some of the factors we look into, and furthermore, we need to conduct an offsite SEO optimization by, for example, finding and submitting content to local directories that suit your industry. These kinds of practices increase the authority of your website and therefore result in higher rankings.

  • Link Profile Upgrade – Link building

While conducting on-site optimization is incredibly important, we still need to take care of your link profile as well. We need to have other relevant, highly authoritative websites that deal with the law linking towards your website. This tells search engines like Google that your own website is a good resource for finding information in this industry and therefore it’ll get a boost in rankings over time. Link building is an important strategy that builds traffic towards your website and shouldn’t be skipped for any reason.

  • Social Media Marketing – Brand building

Besides link building, on-site optimization and similar techniques, we need to help build your brand awareness as well. We do this by executing brand building strategies across your social media channels. Your social media profiles need to resonate with your website content and the blog updates. Links need to be set up properly, information needs to be optimized with the best keywords and writing styles in order to achieve the highest CTR (click-through-rate) towards your business website.

Strivers Edge has been in the business for long enough to know what works and what does not. There’s plenty of expired and phony SEO strategies out there that other so-called law firm SEO experts are still using. We deal with only the latest, most effective lawyer SEO marketing techniques that are guaranteed to show results.

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