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Search Engine Optimization is becoming an important tool for local businesses. Local businesses also needs good ranking. Local SEO Company will improve the algorithms and uplift the user experience. The main purpose of Local SEO is to provide the user the nearest search result for their search. These searches could be any such as restaurants, salons, bookstores, etc.

Google follows ranking system i.e. the quality content providing sites would be on the top search result. As a user, how many times have you scrolled to next page or next to next page? If you, as a user, don’t have time to scroll through pages then it’s understandable that your users will be of the same thinking. They will opt for the first links that Google provides them, knowing that those are best quality search results.

Many of the users are operating from the phones and thus that limits your chances even more. Strivers Edge is a top local SEO company that is a one step solution for the local businesses.

The local SEO services by our local SEO experts will bolsters your presence to potential customers in your area. It will give your business a peculiar advantage in competing in your community, as opposed to rank on a national level (up against big companies).

Dominate Local Online Search Results

Strivers Edge offers many local SEO services including White Label Local SEO services to boost your business’s Google local SEO campaign. These includes:

1. Conducting A Local Competitive Analysis

A complete analysis of market research of your market place is done initially to find out about your real competitors and gain a competitive edge Local SEO Audit is done on regular basis. Strivers Edge further works on Onsite competitive analysis which is based on quality content and technical analysis assistance. And Offsite competitive analysis which works over building strong backlinks and authenticate citation overviews. We aim at building a strong marketing strategy from the initial step.

2. Local Citation Audit

Strivers Edge builds and monitors local citations. Also, develops new citations according to the need and the requirement of the business. Discovering more local citations opportunities is our prime concern. NAP (acronym for Name, Address, Phone) consistency is that your NAP is consistently listed across the web. To build goodwill with the clientele and Google, NAP is really important and we consistently keep track of it.

3. Local On Page Optimization

A prior research is done to know what keywords are the customers using. Strivers Edge provides you an edge by publishing quality content that aims at the targeted audience effectively. This not improves your local search rankings but provides a smooth user experience. To increase your local SEO, we add Microdata to your website (Schema Makeup) which would improve your local business listings and would make local reviews more eminent on search result.

4. Optimizing & Managing Google My Business (Google+)

Strivers Edge optimises Google My Business page for your business and phone number. Also, Google Map Listing is claimed earnestly. Backlinks make your website strong so we optimize your Google My Business page for backlinks as well. Adding business hour and services on Google My Business will be beneficial to you as well as your customers.

5. Tracking Your Local SEO Campaign

No business is successful until you keep track of it. Strivers Edge regularly monitors ranking, organic traffic, calls and leads. Not only we keep track of your business but also dig deep and monitor the keyword rankings of your competitors. Further, we keep in check and perform a detailed analysis of your three top competitors.

Strivers Edge is a leading local SEO company in Mohali, India that provides reliable and affordable SEO Services. You can use our SEOs’ expertise to take control of your organized placement on all the major search engines. If you have realized how critical SEO is to your online success and would like Strivers Edge to boost your SERP rankings, then invite us today to bid on your project. Regardless of your business type, industry, size and target market, our SEO specialist will get you the best results.

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