What is Off-Page SEO?

Off Page SEO refers to links and other techniques that is used to improve the position of website in Google search engine results. It is also a great way to promoting website for the purpose of getting a higher ranking in search results. There are certain rules that have been put in place by Google to ensure that websites use only white hat SEO methods.

Yes, there is a competitive market for websites to attempt to outweigh competitors when it comes to traffic and conversion.

Google Penguin v/s Link Building

In 2012, Google set up the Google Penguin; this update is simply Google’s way of checking up on websites in order to prevent the abuse of SEO rules. All of our SEO strategies are in compliance to these set of rules. Strivers edge would never use Black hat SEO methods or any forms of search engine spamming. There are certain methods that can cause Google to penalize a website when it comes to link building and other forms of off-page SEO link building strategies. Some of these methods include;

1. Using paid link building schemes to increase traffic or conversion rates
2. Cloaking and the use of hidden links and texts
3. Building websites for the sole purpose of running an affiliate program and add no other value.
4. Keyword stuffing
5. Using misleading loading pages stuffed with irrelevant keywords to increase conversion.

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How we create Backlinks

At Strivers Edge, we follow the right procedure when it comes to creating backlinks. We understand that Google SEO rules are best followed in order to prevent negative effects against the website. We follow Google search console guidelines as follow:

1. In creating backlinks, we may trade in links that pass Link Juice.
2. We would never use any automated linking software that produces wholesale links.
3. We do not build backlinks that are exclusively set up for the sake of cross-linking as it contravenes the rules of Google.
4. Google frowns at campaigns that are create solely for the purpose of capitalizing on certain keywords and we do not do this when we create backlinks.

Generally, there are certain ways that can be done in order to increase the number of backlinks . We follow ;

1. Competitors link resources.
2. High Authority fresh and aged Web 2.0 sites.
3. Guest blogging
4. Info graphic Submission
5. Resource page link building
6. Broken Link Building
7. High authority few directory submission (Niche based if needed)
8. PPT Marketing & more

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Keywords Targeting

Competitors Link Profile Analysis

Today’s cyberspace is active with a lot of competition and it is important for you to be aware of the competitors. We will discover valuable backlink opportunities to outrank you organically.

Content Structure

Creating Relevant Backlinks

The importance of building relevant backlinks cannot be overstated and our methods will help you to earn quick backlinks from a number of high-quality sites.

Website Layout

Content Marketing

Today, traditional marketing methods are becoming outdated and forward-thinking marketers have divided new ways. Content marketing is one great way to do marketing. It requires a strategic marketing approach that is focused on creating and distributing value in form of content.