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ON Page Optimization Services

by Strivers Edge

In order to properly maximize a brand’s potential; there is a need to take certain measures within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Our On Page SEO service is top-notch and we will take certain direct steps WITHIN the webpage to ensure that the goal is met. Our On Site SEO services will be done properly in order to ensure that certain keywords are included in your website. These keywords are words that resonate with your brand as well as its target audience and with the words. Apart from the use of these keywords, strivers edge will also improve the meta-description as well as title tags.           

On - Page SEO Services in Chandigarh

Why Is On-page SEO important?

In order to understand why Strivers Edge pays attention to On-page analysis, there is a need to understand the overall importance of On-Page Optimization. When it comes to your brand’s marketing process, there is a need for your site to rank high and Strivers Edge will ensure that this happens. We would also help your brand to increase and consistently keep its readability and relevance.

Why choose Strivers Edge for On-Site SEO needs?

Not only do we recognize the importance of On-page SEO, but we also deploy the best strategies to make your webpage content and design rank higher. In order to ensure that site is user-friendly, we would analyze your website and subsequently optimize page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, URL structure, body tags (including H1, H2, H3, etc.), keyword density, image SEO, internal linking and many more.

As we as we are done with the final keywords selection we would go on to begin the process of on-page optimizing.     


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Keywords Targeting

When it comes to keywords, brands should aim to discover the best concentration of their target audience and focus on these people. We help brands to do this and ensure that we transform websites into a traffic machine (and subsequently increase revenue).

With striver edge’s quality onsite SEO services, you can rest assured that you can find out where traffic lies for your brand. Furthermore, you can sell your brand to them through several creative marketing methods.  

Content Structure

Content is key when it comes to optimizing your brand’s online potential. And we have a team of professional content professionals who can help you to write contents that will convert into constant traffic. Our writers will increase the On-page activity in SEO with their quality, concise and engaging content. This will eventually build your brand’s credibility as well as create a trustworthy relationship between your customers and your brand. We will create amazing content that your readers will enjoy reading and sharing.

Website Layout

The layout of your website is also very important when it comes to the success of your website. We would create a website that has a pretty straightforward and easy to follow navigation system. This will allow the visitors to access valuable and information on your web pages.

URL Optimization

URL is another notable factor when it comes to On-page SEO and strivers edge will give you the best possible URLs that will help you achieve your brand’s marketing goals. Readability is one notable factor when it comes to URLS and we will consider this amongst other factors that affect URLs such as;

  • The use of hyphens instead of underscores
  • The use of capital letters in URLs
  • Use 301 redirects and so on.

Header / Footer Recommendations

Some links are more important than others for various reasons; it may be due to the fact that there is an image or for some other reasons. At strivers edge, we will ensure that we offer professional header and footer recommendations that will help your site to gain huge traffic. We will build an stronger linking structure through some of our tested methods.

Internal Linking Structure

Internal links are also very helpul in promoting your site, these links will connect various pages on your website to one another. It helps users to stay longer on your site for as long as you can leep them with professional and engaging content in all forms.

CTR optimization

We will also help with the optimization of your click though rate or ‘CPR’ as it is commonly called. Through our expert methods, we will increase the rate at which people that will see your ad end up clicking it. If you have 10 clicks and 1 impression then your CTR will be 10% CTR. We will increase your CTR numbers and keep the numbers high. 


Lastly, our team of experts can help you find problems with your websites through our rigorous process of maintenance. Apart from finding what these issues are, we will promptly attend to them in order to prevent them from causing more harm to the website and your brand’s marketing process as a whole. 

What Clients Say?

  • Strivers team has been helping me build a strong brand reputation for my website. Great work with excellent communication.

    Ansul Bansal
    Budding Star
  • I have worked with Strivers Edge for 1 year. They did a truly fantastic job. If you need SEO, I don’t think you can find a service better than them.

    Heather Grabin
  • I have been impressed with the service. The SEO results have improved and I would recommend using them.

    Zee Malik
    UK Auto Exporters