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Pay Per Click Advertisement Services

by Strivers Edge

Striver’s edge offers customers with the best when it comes to PPC Advertising, we will ensure that your brand can compete with others for the attention of potential customers.

Best PPC Company in Chandigarh

When it comes to making sales through advertising, online businesses are given two options; pay per click (PPC) AND pay per impression (PPM). Strivers edge will ensure that your brand can leverage the prominence of your site for extra revenue. Understanding PPC is quite easy, it involves using a link to bring guests to your webpage and this link is made into an advertisement.

 Today, customers resort to online searches to find products and services around them and this has been further heightened with the use of smartphones and other smart devices. Striver edge will help your brand in ensuring that your brand can generate revenue from paid adverts. PPC is often preferred because it does not reward spammers because t makes use of aggressive filters. These filters are used to ensure that those who are clicking are rea and legitimate people.

Strivers Edge will ultimately ensure that your landing pages are great in order to ensure that the money spent on each ad is worth it.  We provide the best PPC services for brands and businesses in Chandigarh

Google Ads

From The 24th of July 2018, Google AdWords become Google Ads. The online advertising platform developed by Google allows advertisers to display brief advertisements as well as various forms of content to web users. The advertising system allows advertisers to bid on certain keywords which would, in turn, afford them the opportunity to appear in Google search results. 

Google makes money from this AdWords and subsequently pays website owners based on the agreement. 

  •  Search Ads and Display

Google Ads afford brands with the opportunity to display ads at the best possible time (i.e. when prospects will be searching for their products or services). These search ads allow prospects to use to search; this is very similar to what we used to have in the old New-york yellow pages.

Display Network Ads are displayed on other websites across the internet. These websites all want one thing- to make money. Any website is allowed to add AdSense Ads to their website, advertisers can then go on to use the display network in targeting those web pages.

The major difference between both of them seems to be that when display networks are used, they are not used to target prospects who are searching for your products or services, unlike search Ads.    

  • Google Shopping

Strivers edge can leverage this opportunity provided by Google in the process of generating more sales for products. Shopping Ads are much more effective than text Ads; they afford users the opportunity to see Purchases as well as price, store name, and other important details.

  • Google Remarketing

Strivers Edge will work with you to ensure that you can connect with people who have previously interacted with your website or mobile app in the past. Google remarketing allows you to strategically position your Ads in front of target audiences as they browse through google and other partner websites. It helps you increase your brand awareness and subsequently translates into sales.

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