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Real Estate SEO Services India

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Real Estate SEO Service Company

Standard white hat SEO services and methods revolve around a general approach to optimizing any website for the search engines and user experience. On the other hand, real estate SEO services require a bit more fine-tuning. On top of the standard procedures, real estate SEO thrives when we combine standard and local SEO services into one executable real estate SEO strategy.

One big part of any search engine optimization technique is On-page SEO and Content Marketing. Real estate SEO is no different, Onsite SEO and high PA, DA backlinks play a huge role in this immensely competitive industry.

Key Factors in Real Estate Website Optimization

  • SEO Audit

To get the perfectly optimized website, we will start with the SEO Audit. After conducting an initial audit of your website, we will then establish a proper strategy for optimizing your real estate website in order to reach those higher rankings.

  • Brainstorming Local and National Keywords

Keyword research is necessary in order to find what potential real estate buyers are looking for. Keywords play an important role in very website optimization and we will research the real estate SEO keywords and search queries to match with your audience.

  • Content development and optimization

In order to compete with the big brands out there, you need fresh, unique, and informative content on the website with targeted keywords and search phrases. Not just any content, but content potential clients are already looking for and are eager to read and share. This is a clear-cut way of giving people what they want, and therefore a one-street way towards becoming a valuable, respected and trustworthy real estate retailer.

  • On-page optimization methods

Besides unique real estate techniques, we also need to keep up with standard search engine optimization methods, especially on-page. This includes adding proper title tags to all your content, research keywords, anchor text, structuring articles, adding H1, H2, H3 tags, optimizing your multimedia, e.g., adding ALT tags to image files, optimizing file names, writing meta tags and descriptions, and so on.

  • Building your domain authority with broad and local backlinks

Search engines like Google absolutely love a website with a high domain authority (DA). In order to get your website up there, we need to figure out how to acquire fresh, high quality, relevant backlinks that will point toward your website. Some of the link building techniques include developing unique, keyword-rich content and submitting this content to real estate directories, and finding useful opportunities for guest posting on real estate review websites or blogs.

  • Implementing social media marketing services

Social media is one of those things you simply cannot ignore. It is an absolute heaven when it comes to specific audience targeting. Using social media marketing services, we can not only share the content you’re publishing with a targeted audience, but we can also use the advertising tools to find people who are looking for exactly what you’re offering.

  • Real estate directories

Trulia, RedFin, and Zillow are a few fine examples of real estate agent directories. It’s no surprise these websites get tons of traffic! This is why we need to get your own website listed on these directories. This will help build your brand and allow potential buyers to find out about your website. A great way to get that extra traffic.

These are just some of our favorite real estate search engine optimization methods. There’s plenty more we can use, however, we need to conduct a serious analysis of your current website first, figure out top priorities and then see what kind of strategy would fit your business model best. Get in touch today and find out how long it would take your website to reach those top rankings.

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Our Technical SEO Checklist for Real Estate Websites

  • Setup and install Google analytics & Search console Tools
  • Conduct Detailed Keyword Research.
  • Perform On-page optimization
  • Optimize Internal Links and Navigation.
  • Writing user-Friendly Content.
  • Schema and structured data
  • Create, Verify and Optimize A Google Local Page.
  • Develop a Link building plan

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