Search Engine Optimization for Restaurants

Search engine optimization basically stands for optimizing your website for two things primarily; search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and user experience. On one side, you want to gain more exposure online, and on the other – optimize for people who do visit your website so they can find the information they’re after more easily, provide great content and other materials so they stay longer and actually get interested in what you’re offering. Restaurant SEO is something you can do in order to attract new guests into your restaurant.

Well, you’ll actually be increasing the number of people who find you website, but indirectly, some of these people will end up at your tables and some will become regular customers. One of the main points of restaurant SEO is building your brand awareness. The more people find out about your place online – the more people know about your restaurant and therefore more will visit and you’ll have a more successful business. It’s really simple as that.

Let’s take a look at some of the main steps we consider we executing a restaurant SEO strategy.

  • SEO Audit

Similarly to plenty of other SEO strategies, optimizing your restaurant website also requires first doing an SEO audit. We cannot fix or add anything if we don’t know what’s broken or what’s missing. The entirety of your website needs to be checked up in order to determine what kind of strategy needs to be used for best possible ranking results. Your social media and link profile also need to be checked out so appropriate techniques can be executed later.

  • Brand Building – Brand Awareness

As mentioned before, one of the main points of restaurant SEO is building your brand awareness. The more people know about your place, the more will visit and become your customers. Building brand awareness involves integrating your social network profiles with your website, optimizing those social channels with best keywords for your business, placing links in the right place, and providing fresh, unique content on a regular basis. Once you’ve got a decent online following, you need to keep feeding this following with informative, valuable content.

  • On-site Search Engine Optimization

On-site SEO deals with many different things and is a must-do in most SEO strategies. We will need to analyze your existing content, fix what’s broken, delete what’s unnecessary and add things that need to be there, such as new content. We would need to optimize all of your content with title tags (H1, H2, H3), optimize your multimedia, e.g., images with ALT tags, do a keyword analysis and implement short and long-tail keywords and key phrases where appropriate and a few other factors. All of this will result in higher rankings and more relevant traffic.

  • Google+ Business pages and Google Places

These directories are Google’s gold mine for businesses whose business highly relies on the area they’re operating in. You want these pages made and optimized as soon as possible so that potential clients can find your restaurant when looking up where to eat locally. This is an incredibly important step and needs to be executed well.

  • Link Building for Restaurant SEO

If you want your local business to rank well on search engine queries, you need a high-quality link profile. Relevant, authoritative websites need to link towards your restaurant website for that to happen. This is why we’ll be conducting an analysis where we find what kind of links are suitable for your business website. We would also conduct other link building methods such as finding relevant business directories in your locale and submitting freshly written content for your business on to those directories. This will help with your rankings as well as with brand building.

Strivers Edge has worked with a number of clients who’ve needed their restaurant websites optimized for best possible rankings. So we’ve got the experience, but the talent as well, which is necessary to conduct the best possible optimization strategy for your specific restaurant business website.

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