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To successfully get your new business on the first page of Google, you need to know:

  • How do search engines see your website?
  • What search engines want you to do on the website for more visible on Google search?
  • SEO techniques that your competitors are using
  • Step by step procedure how to increase rank and outperform your competitors

We here at Strivers Edge believe that one of the top priorities of any business is an effective and simple – yet a powerful SEO strategy. A kind of strategy that will help your business reach the next level in the search engine visibility game. Going through with our strategy will allow your business to reach out to new frontiers and new destinations, acquire more traffic – targeted traffic – and therefore almost guarantee more leads and more sales.

Google, as the world’s leading search engine, updates its algorithm with new ranking factors very often, and this means that you need to have your business website optimized according to those ranking factors in order to reach the maximum potential of your own business.

What’s the most valuable thing online today – for any business? Traffic. And not just any traffic, but high quality, targeted traffic which actually converts. This is where Strivers Edge comes in. We analyze your business website and then provide a comprehensive report of what needs to be done, and what are the expected results.

We tell you as it is, and absolutely do not make any guarantees we cannot keep up with. There’s plenty of so-called guaranteed SEO services India out there that claim to do what simply cannot be done. Let’s keep it real. We will look at your business website from our own perspective, from a freelance SEO consultant’s point of view, and provide you with a valid report that contains objective, doable goals, and expectations.

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Have you heard about those before? Of course, you have. Absolutely every agency out there guarantees they’re the best, that you’ll reach the top rankings, and not only that but that you’ll beat your competition without a sweat. This is simply not true. White SEO services require knowledge, time and a great deal of effort and dedication. This is exactly what Strivers Edge is all about.


Discovery is the beginning stage of our SEO services that deals with accurately analyzing your current website SEO strength and determining your long-term goals. During the process, we will learn about your business, your services or products – and your customers. We need to know how you wish to grow and what your business stands for. Furthermore, we will help you set up a realistic goal for your website, help determine how to increase ROI, decrease bounce rates, grow conversions and in general – start setting up a SEO strategy that is fit for your specific business website.

Once we’re done analyzing your website, it is time to set up and launch an effective SEO strategy that is suited just for your business. SEO strategies generally comprise of several key factors such as discovering and implementing targetable keywords and key phrases, finding out your potential client’s interests, optimizing your current content, as well as creating new, unique content for further optimization. Furthermore, we also look at and audit your current link profile. After that, we then set up a campaign that will create new, relevant backlinks and therefore juice up your existing website link profile for higher rankings.

On-page development delves deeply into existing content on your business website pages and blog posts. Even though the content is a big part of any website and therefore any SEO strategy, there are other important factors in play as well. These factors include optimizing your title tags, meta descriptions, URL optimization, H1, H2 and H3 tags, image optimization, and page load speed.

Concerning the content itself, we need to optimize what’s already bringing in traffic and then set up a strategic, keyword-based method for further content creation. Every single page on your website needs to be optimized to the highest standards for search engines, but for the best possible user-experience as well. This is going to help with your website’s bounce rate by optimizing the content found on your website.

If you know anything about SEO services then you know that backlinks take up a great part of it. Search engines will look at who links to your website and whether or not the content on those pages is relevant to what you’re trying to rank for. We will develop and set in place an effective link building strategy that will skyrocket your website with relevant backlinks and therefore search engine like Google will get the idea that your website is an authoritative business with valid content in any given industry.

Common practices with link building also include analyzing your competitor’s backlinks. This practice gives insight into how to set up your own link profile because you will be able to understand how other websites got their rankings. One of many techniques we deal with is the Skyscraper technique. This method involves finding content that’s link-worthy, then improving that content and finally reaching out to the right people for backlinks, in other words – guest posting and blogger outreach.

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