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White Hat SEO Services – Successfully Rank Your Website on the 1st Page of Google

SEO has become an important tool for every business for the growing and established e-commerce and other marketing platforms. To increase traffic and sales of the websites, SEO has become one of the most influential and highly paid online skills. The demand for organic SEO services is growing with each running day. The methods used by us are unique which guarantees long lasting results. Being a conversion driven company, our focus is on developing strong SEO. We follow the exact steps to develop a particular SEO strategy for your website. But following SEO tactics are not enough to get your website high ranking. Along with SEO experts, you create a strong foundation for your website and it is important to keep the following points in mind for successful ranking of your website on the first page of Google:

Exactly how search engines view your website

The user satisfaction will lead your website to gain relevance and popularity and thus the ranking factor will play its role for your website.

What search engines want you to do to make your website better

Do not cloak your web pages by presenting different content than you initially displayed. Provide what is needed. Use comprehensive user-friendly keywords. Make descriptive and accurate titles.

What SEO techniques your competitors are using

It is always better if you keep track of your competitors SEO strategies. Hire SEO expert for your business to be one step ahead of them.

What Specific Steps to be taken to Outrank and outperform your competitors and that’s exactly what you’ll gain access here.

1) Find your top competitors.
2) Collect general SEO stats.
3) Make comparisons
4) Check their on-page strategy.
5) Check their backlinks building strategy
6) Analyze their social media pages.
7) Analyze their campaigning strategy.
8) Check how Google updates impacts competitor’s sites.

Strivers Edge organic SEO Company provides you assistance in knowing about your website’s SEO functioning. Our SEO Audit provides detailed recommendations on how we can help improve your search rankings.

Strivers Edge SEO consulting services will give your website a strong competitive advantage in the search results. This is all because of the hard work and dedication we put into a work. Our years of experience have gifted us with a long history of high ranking sites.

Based on your specific needs and budget, we work on your on-page optimization, link development strategy, and monitor your competitor’s strategies in order to develop a customized SEO package for you.

We are the best SEO Company in Mohali providing quality SEO services by potential SEO experts. Also, we specialize in social media advertising, local SEO, and more.

We at Strivers Edge strive for the best.

Our results speak for themselves.

Contact us today to see how our SEO consulting services can help your website reach its maximum.

Our Recipe to Get Higher Rankings & Traffic with SEO

On-page SEO

On-Page Optimization

Unlike Off-Page Optimization, On-Page Optimization refers to the settings and SEO expert applies on your website to make it optimized for the search engines. The key points for On-Page Optimization are: optimized description and titles, appropriate URL structures, user-friendly, internal links, quality content, and external links (unbroken).

Link Building

Off-Page Optimization

Strivers Edge provides full guidance on Off-Page Optimization. This includes the activities to be built outside the framework of the website such as bookmarking, social media marketing, and link building A successful off-page SEO will gain you increased ranking, increased pagerank, high exposure, and backlinks.