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There are various tools on the web for keyword research and backlink analysis. And many of you had to use different tools for keyword research and backlink audit but Serpstat is the one stop solution for all. It is an automatic SEO processing. It is a tool that every professional need, it not only saves your time but also finishes day’s worth of work in a couple of minutes, and provides an analytical report of the projects. Many of the professionals (SEO and digital marketers) are already associated with Serpstat. It has biggest keyword research databases. It further has five modules which make it a competitive edge.

Website Analysis

To get an overall assessment of the website, SEO specialist conducts a primary analysis. Then the specialist works its promotional strategies. They follow the following steps to build a better future of the website.

Step 1: Refers to SERP to check the website’s position for the keyword analysis.
Step 2: A competitive analysis is conducted to focus on the niche
Step 3: Analyzes the backlinks and structure of top ranking websites.
Step 4: Suggestions are made to optimize the site.
Step 5: On the basis of SERPs data, analyze the seasonality and demand.

Keyword Research

The SEO compiles a qualitative list of hundreds of keywords. It provides a list of all common keywords which you and your competitors are ranking for, along with the new ones. It offers SEO search tools and PPC search tools as well. Content Marketing tools are also presented including search questions, interrogative search suggestions and top 100 Google (paid and organic) keyword results.

Backlink Analysis

Backlink analysis helps you to not only analyze your own profile but also your competitor’s profile. This feature enables you to locate your competitors’ link building strategies and provides new ways to improve your backlink strategies. A backlink dashboard is provided and gives a brief overview of domains, pages, referring pages, total pages indexed of your site. It further gives the user the access to view new as well as the lost backlinks/ It also allows you to view top pages on the users’ website by the number of backlinks.

Rank Tracker

In simpler words, Rank Tracker keeps the user updated about the rank of their keywords. Thus, makes it the most powerful tool of the Serpstat. The search engine ranking changes frequently so it allows the user to see the sites’ rank distribution on search engines. Also, the user could view the historical data on domains position for particular keywords.

Site Audit

Site Audit tool displays all the errors that need to get fixed by giving the user the complete analysis of the websites’ overall SEO score. Errors in the site tags like Little Tag, Meta Tags, and Meta Description are informed in order to be fixed based on the high, medium, low priority errors. Several other errors like issues with HTTP/HTTPS, canonical tags, flash elements on the page, low word count, etc are also displayed.

Thus, Serpstat is one step SEO solution that every professional should get their hands on for a better experience which is not only time efficient but also, work efficiently.



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