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Do you own a small business but have no idea how to improve? Do you want to find out the ranking potential of your business website? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Strivers Edge is a Mohali, India based local SEO Company offers small business SEO services exclusively to its clients who are in a dire need of reaching out to new potential clients.

We will conduct a swift small business SEO audit and let you know right then and there what kind of potential you may be aiming for. After conducting the initial audit, we’ll report back on what your current website status is, and then use the research to create an appropriate ranking strategy that’ll help your business compete with all big brands out there.

Check out some of the most popular services we’re currently offering.

SEO services for small business

  • Small Business SEO Audit

Auditing your website right of the bat will help us understand what you’re dealing with. We’ll figure out what needs to be fixed, optimized or added onto your small business pages in order to make them rank higher and be able to compete successfully with other small businesses, but with big brands that have an online presence as well.

  • Building an Appropriate Small Business SEO Strategy

After conducting the website audit and look at all the issues and analytics, we will then craft, implement, measure and optimize a winning strategy for your small business right there on the spot. Our strategy is designed to help you create a successful presence on search engines such as Google – based on your locale.

  • Content, Keyword Research, and Implementation

For any SEO service to work, you need fresh, unique and informative (valuable) content. On top of all that, the content needs to be optimized specifically for the keywords your business will be targeting. We’ll conduct keyword research and see what your potential clients are searching for on search engines. After that, we’ll either optimize your current content with these keywords or have completely new content created that’ll fit right into the scope of your business website.

  • On-Page SEO for Small Business

After the audit and after developing a strategy, it is important that on-page SEO is done for all pages in order to improve their performance in all search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. Meta tags, technical SEO, content optimization, heading tags, UX optimization is a list of the most important aspects we will focus on when optimizing website pages.

  • The importance of inbound links – Blogging, Content Outreach, Press Release, Competitors Backlinks

Inbound links play a big role in placing selected keywords on top of search engine results. We generate links only from major sites that contain a high PA, DA, CF, TR, as well as Moz Rank sites which provide value equivalent to a dozen links from a set of average websites. We do regular blogging & content creation on a weekly basis which is shared with your audience in order to increase website traffic.

If you’re wondering whether or not to go with small business SEO services, stop right now. In most cases, a good SEO campaign is what separates successful online business presence from an invisible one.

Get in touch, let’s talk, let’s see what kind of potential the niche you’re in offers. You might be surprised.

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